Fair debt collection is at the heart of our culture here at Lawton Hathaway.

Having a firm, but fair debt collection process is important for your business. Not only are there legal implications of not getting it right, your company’s reputation is at stake.

Using an experienced debt collection agency, like Lawton Hathaway, ensures that collections will be made in a fair way. That by no by means implies being ‘soft’. Our team has the experience and knowledge to speak to clients in a firm but fair way that maximises results.

Fair Debt Collection, the OFT view

Woman on phone using Lawton Hathaway's fair debt collection practices.
Lawton Hathaway’s team has the experience and knowledge to speak to clients in a firm, but fair way that maximises results.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) provides guidance on the debt collection process. Specifically it lists guidance on fair and proper business practices.

  • Communications should be clear, accurate and transparent.
  • Businesses should accurately represent their authority/status and the correct legal position with regard to debts and the debt recovery process.
  • Businesses should not engage in physical or psychological harassment of debtors or relevant third parties.
  • Business should be truthful and fair in their dealings with debtors and others. Avoiding deceptive or unfair collection methods.
  • Debt recovery charges¬†levied should be appropriate and fair
  • Fair debt collection visits must not be threatening or conducted in an unclear manner.
  • Business should not use unfair methods when seeking to recover statute barred debt.
  • Businesses should have appropriate processes in place with a view to ensuring that customer data is accurate and that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that it is adequate.

A fair debt collection process is necessary for any business and whilst significant parts of the process are in line with what you would expect, there are legal and other concerns that you need to be aware of when running your own debt collection process.

A reputable, experienced agency like Lawton Hathaway will assist your debt collection process. It can be undertaken on a white-label basis for a seamless customer experience. Find out more about how we can help your business with a fair debt collection process with your clients.