When considering credit control outsourcing it is key to use a firm you can trust. Too aggressive a firm can lose repeat business, but not being firm enough can leave holes in cash flow. At Lawton Hathaway we have a fair approach to debt collection and have a proven track record of improving cash flow, reducing debtors and increasing customer service.

Credit Control Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring your own employees

With a straight through, white-labelled service your customers will not notice the difference between your outsourcing to Lawton Hathaway, or employing your own team. What’s more, our services are usually cheaper than hiring employees, particular when you consider the total cost of an employee, with salary, national insurance, benefits, holidays and legal requirements like workplace pensions and RTI.

If you’re a small business and would only have one person managing your cash flow, you should consider what you would do if they were sick, or on holiday. At Lawton Hathaway our credit control experts are on hand, every day, building your relationship with clients and improving cash flow.

Outsource to the experts

At Lawton Hathaway we have specialist collection knowledge. With our proven firm but fair approach we will educate your clients politely about paying their invoices on time. We have managed clients in a wide range of circumstances – not knowing how to deal with vulnerable debtors for example can leave you spending more time and money dealing with regulators.

When scaling your business there are always growing pains, by outsourcing credit control to Lawton Hathaway you can focus on developing your business without the added headaches of implementing bigger credit departments, recruitment, training and arbitrage that can prove expensive.

Debt Collection Services

When all avenues are exhausted, Lawton Hathaway’s debt collection team can help recover what would otherwise be bad debt. Debt collection is most successful when started early, so with Lawton Hathaway managing the whole process you have the greatest prospects of receiving payment.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

We will work with your invoice discounting partner providing the infrastructure and systems necessary to ensure a smooth process from invoice to collection. With experience in working with the banks and major invoice discounting providers setting up a full service solution to boost your cash flow is simple, quick and seamless.