Collections outsourcing with Lawton Hathaway can increase cash flow, boost efficiency and lower costs.

Why Collections Outsourcing?

The poor economic times have had a dramatic impact on how and when bills are paid for. This is compounded by the lack of financial support from the banking industry. Customers & debtors are deciding daily how and who they will pay first.

Outsourcing this process to a specialist experienced partner helps increase cash flow and leaves you to manage the core focus of your business

Benefits in using Lawton Hathaway

  • Strict rules processes and procedures which your resource may not be set up for.
  • Specialist collection knowledge. Not knowing how to deal with vulnerable debtors can leave you spending more money and time dealing with regulators.
  • Development or expansion of existing collections/accounts departments can prove expensive with the added headache of implementation, recruitment, training and arbitrage which could prove very expensive.
  • Access to specialist collection tools and the third party debt recovery process included in the fees.
  • Once collection process is exhausted, documents can be prepared for a claim.
  • Queries managed in a formal process and within regulation set out.
  • Out of hours contact centre and collection process.
  • No sick days or holiday issues.
  • Having access to more of your cash and faster could end up paying for the service.

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